This isn’t going to last.

Please, don’t drown yourself in the past.

Know that you’re strong.

You have to carry on.

Create yourself into something new.

This life is yours to choose.

Today is just a step.

You’re not quite there yet.


I’ll help pick up the pieces,

If you promise to fight through this.

Don’t give in tonight.

Get up and make it right.

You’re worth it.


You’re beautiful in every single way.

It will never matter what they say.

There won’t be a need to scream and shout,

Because inside and out,

You’re better than they could ever be.

And I hope one day you’ll see,

The amazing person you’ve become.

You’ll find the war’s already been won.

When you feel like you’re about to cave,

Just keep in mind that you are brave.


You’re beautiful in every way,

And beautiful is just how you’ll stay.


Copyright © 2016 itsjustbecca All Rights Reserved